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About Me

Hi! I'm Ben Crook, an enthusiastic front end developer and web designer based in Greater Manchester, UK. I thoroughly enjoy designing and developing user friendly, clean, modern websites. You can't beat having a job that is also your hobby!

I'm a full blown nerd and could happily spend the whole day coding away without a care in the world, although I'd need a break every now and then for a spot of PC gaming (FIFA, Counter Strike, Titanfall, or Diablo 3 anyone?), possibly sleep, and a kebab.

My Skills

I cover most aspects of web design / front end development and I can take a website from a simple wireframe all the way up to a fully semantically coded, functional, user friendly website. I'm very versatile and have completed hundreds of websites varying from simple 4 page websites for builders through to ecommerce and large websites for cosmetic surgeons. Check out some of them here.


I develop all my websites in valid, semantic HTML5 and develop 637 nervous ticks if my code isn't tidy and easy to understand. Nothing annoys me more than messy unorganised HTML, I will find you and I will poke you with a stick until you tidy that s**t up.


I am obsessed with how many different ways it is possible to work with CSS, I have spent many, many days trying various pre-processors, naming methods, and frameworks. I finally came to the conclusion OOSCSS (object orientated sassy cascading style sheet) is the future! Although I am open to work with other methods.

Web Design

Although I spend the majority of my time learning about and perfecting code I also have a large interest in web design and I'm fully capable of designing a professional website from scratch. I highly recommend learning to design and develop as it helps you work better in a team, and also be less dependant on others.

Some extra waffle with that?

Being a creative person I've also ventured into the world of music production, DJing, and a small run of entrepreneurship starting a small online business selling fitness equipment. Since getting into web design and development fully everything else has taken a back seat.

Every developer knows you can't code without a good playlist to shut out the world, it varies on my mood but you'll usually catch me listening to alternative rock, trance (especially on Fridays!), rap, or variations of hard house.